Bread Ref. 130517

Maxi Brioche Burger Bun Pre-Cut 85g

Now pre-cut.

Easier and quicker for the point of sale.

Our Brioche Burger will inspire you with its intense buttery flavour. 

The combination of the sweet flavour of the bread and the savoury ingredients creates a whole world of delicious contrasts. 

And it’s already painted with egg, which lends it an appetising and brilliant golden colour...and in 12 cm MAXI size it’s ideal for the most complete hamburgers.

  • Already Painted
  • With butter
  • Ready to serve
  • Medium durability

Technical details

  • Net weight 85 g
  • Long 12 cm
  • Quantity per box 45 u.
  • Boxes per pallet 8 x 6
  • Boxes per pallet 48 boxes
  • Defrosting time 30 min

Products already finished. Ready to consume only with a few minutes of thawing

Butter that follows the standards of the highest pastries with a very touch of our land: a very characteristic yellow crumb.

Already Painted