Sweet pastries Ref. 13911

Nuts&Cream Filled Muffin 110g

A surprising snack! How to describe so much pleasure in your mouth? The filling merges with the crushed hazelnuts, which strengthens its exquisite dough. A fluffy, toast-coloured dough and a vanilla flavour that includes a mix of nuts and a touch of cocoa and caramel filled with hazelnut milk cream (15%) and decorated with a hazelnut crunch.

  • Delicium
  • Decorated
  • Ready to serve

Technical details

  • Net weight 110 g
  • Long 8 cm
  • Quantity per box 20 u.
  • Boxes per pallet 8 x 8
  • Boxes per pallet 64 boxes
  • Defrosting time 60 min

Products already finished. Ready to consume only with a few minutes of thawing

Already Decorated